A Collective Improvisation for Linked Rooms, 2011

Video, color, surround sound, single channel projection
10 min. 04 sec. Loop

The video-installation A Collective Improvisation for Linked Rooms documents the performance of a Chamber Ensemble playing, by means of improvisation, within the parameters of western classical music. The musical session take place inside a professional sound recording studio, the video portrays the performance of the musicians from two different rooms: the live room where the musicians stand and play the music, and from inside the control room, through the glass window that separates the two adjacent rooms of the recording studio. The music the orchestra plays, can only be hear when the camera takes the performance from within the live room. The takes from the control room are deprived of the music, the sound of the preformance do not traspasses the glass window.
The Chamber Ensemble (Uusinta Chamber Ensemble) performing in the video, are professional musicians with a classical education. On the video, they where ask to improvise. In this sense they operated in a level of placing them self “outside” conventional musical language, to deprive oneself of any canonical rule of composition, as a way of identifying one’s own thing, of availing oneself of a language of one’s own.
Structural renovation, that of the break with composition implies to betray the ruling system of production and reception.